foxdavidsonQ&A: We asked Fox Davidson director Wesley Davidson, of Bristol, his feelings on jumping at our inaugural 160ft Bungee the Boss fundraiser in Bristol on April 15.

Why are you taking part?

Because my ‘delightful’ team nominated me! I want to support the charity any way, although bungee wouldn’t be my first choice, but supporting a great cause makes it worthwhile.

How are you feeling about the jump?

Extremely nervous, no amount of YouTube videos of bungees can make me feel better. Thankfully, my colleague Catherine is also taking part – she’s braver than me and I admire her courage.

Have you done anything like this before? Would you call yourself an adrenaline junkie?

I’ve skydived – but felt more calm about jumping out of a plane than off a crane. I think the fact it was a tandem skydive helped.

Why Penny Brohn UK?

Fox Davidson is dedicated to supporting local charities, and Penny Brohn makes such a huge difference to people’s lives. We’re very proud to support such a great charity.

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