simon_anderson fm_expertise ad_220x285_awJess NixonQ&A: We asked Anderson Financial Management’s, Simon Stygall and Jess Nixon, their feelings on jumping at our inaugural 160ft Bungee the Boss fundraiser in Bristol.

Why are you taking part?

S: It’s a great cause and fantastic to raise awareness for the charity.

J: Anderson Financial Management Ltd is sponsoring this event and I have always wanted to do a bungee jump; so when I was asked if I wanted to take part, there was no hesitation to me saying yes!

How are you feeling about the jump?

S: As long as I’m not jumping onto concrete then fine!

J: I am looking forward to it, but I am sure I will be a nervous wreck when the time comes for it to happen.

Have you done anything like this before? Would you call yourself an adrenaline junkie?

S: Yes, I have. I did a Canyon swing in New Zealand, which was similar to bungee jumping… I also once walked under a ladder just for a rush.

J: I have never done anything like this before but I have always wanted to give bungee jumping, skydiving, base-jumping etc. a go. I think I would be an adrenaline junkie if I had the chance!

Why Penny Brohn UK? 

S: Unfortunately I have had several friends and a family member effected by cancer, so I feel that Penny Brohn UK is a very worthwhile charity.

J: Penny Brohn UK is the charity partner of Anderson Financial Management Ltd for 2016. I wholeheartedly support the choice in charity as I know a few people that have been impacted by cancer and the difficult times that they have had to face.

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