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How we fund our work

Transparency and clarity about how we raise and spend money are important parts of any charity’s work. Our donations come from a variety of sources, but whether big or small, each one makes a real difference in helping people live as well as they possibly can with a cancer diagnosis.

In 2018, our incoming resources were £3.06 million and we made sure that 76p of every £1 raised was used to help people live well with cancer.

Our work is made possible thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters and our committed volunteers and staff, without whom we would be unable to offer our services free of charge to thousands of men and women across the UK.

Annual Report and Accounts

You can read our Annual Report and Accounts 2020 (PDF).

Service Partnerships

Working in partnership with other charities and healthcare providers enables us to reach even more people living with cancer. We are currently delivering services in partnership with GenesisCare, Simply Health, Macmillan Cancer Support and a range of local healthcare trusts.

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk, a grant-making breast cancer charity and organisers of the famous MoonWalk, has been helping us to bring improved health and enrichment to people affected by cancer since 2000.

Thanks to Walk the Walk, more people than ever are getting the help they need to live as well as possible with the impacts of the disease.

Through money raised by events, including The MoonWalk London, their support has helped us keep our services free and enabled us to take our Bristol Whole Life Approach into new communities across the UK.

For us it is transformational because it enables us to attract new partners and funders and to continue to innovate to make sure our services meet the needs of everyone affected by cancer.

Take a look at the fun you could be having by Power Walking through the night wearing a decorated bra for The MoonWalk London 2019

Find out more about grant-making charity, Walk the Walk.

“When I had cancer, I knew that I needed support that wasn’t available elsewhere and to be around people that were calm and positive. Penny Brohn became a second home to me. Sometimes, someone just putting their hand on your shoulder is all that you need.”
– Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive – Walk the Walk

Inspiring Individuals

Each individual who supports us plays a vital role in enabling others to benefit from our services.  Our work just wouldn’t happen without the inspirational people who support us.

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Meet some of our inspiring fundraisers

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