Harry’s story

Harry started volunteering at Penny Brohn UK for his Duke of Edinburgh Challenge. He loved it so much he applied for a job in the Community Fundraising Team.

"It is a place that I truly love and feel incredibly welcome, both as a volunteer and now, as a member of staff."


I initially started volunteering with Penny Brohn UK for my Duke of Edinburgh challenge, along with a friend from sixth form. We worked alongside the kitchen heloing with their menus and costings and my friend and I felt there was a really special energy around Penny Brohn UK.

After my placement, I wanted to stay in touch with the fundraising team, as we all got on so well. I returned to the National Centre while I was at university. I worked as an intern, alongside the events team on the Bristol Half Marathon in 2015 - when Penny Brohn UK had been chosen as the event's official charity.

Working with the fundraising team, I felt it again. There was such a fantastic energy and team spirt in the office, which made volunteering such a pleasure. I gained valuable skills and practical experience that I could then use as a jumping point for my CV in the future.

After the Bristol Half Marathon finished - hitting a record number of runners - I just couldn’t tear myself away from the team and the National Centre that had become more than just a place to volunteer but one full of friends. So, instead of leaving, I continued to volunteer at Penny Brohn UK during my final year of university.

After finishing my course I was offered a temporary position within the Community Fundraising Team, once again working on the Bristol Half Marathon. After the completion of my contract, like so many other young graduates, I gave in to that urge to travel and packed my bags. I was so glad to be able to satisfy the travelling bug, whilst keeping in touch with the team I had grown so fond of - the wonders of modern technology! Upon my return, I offered up my help once again and resumed volunteering, supporting the team in varied events and roles.

In August 2016, an internal role was advertised to join the Community Fundraising Team, being a volunteer gave me a great opportunity to apply. And knowing how the team worked and particular elements of the role all helped towards my application. I was thrilled when I was offered an interview - and then the job. It is a place that I truly love and feel incredibly welcome, both as a volunteer and now, as a member of staff.

Being a volunteer before working for the charity meant that when I did secure a job with them it felt like coming home. Having so many familiar faces around - and some not so familiar, everything is changing and growing - and I can’t wait to see what my future with Penny Brohn UK holds.

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