Visualising nature for mindfulness

Be close to nature, at peace with your mind and take your mind away from these unsettling times with a wander in our interactive garden.

During unfamiliar times, the outside world can come to a halt. Not being able to go outside can be a challenge, and getting the fresh air or sunlight we need to keep emotionally well can feel like a difficult ask. If you don’t have access to a garden, our interactive garden map is ready to be explored.

The interactive experience will allow you to rest your mind through therapeutic audio tracks. Begin your journey at the centre of the garden and work outwards in a spiral to walk through and listen to the meditative tracks along the route. The spiral leads you further away from the formality and structure of the central garden into a discovery of a more personal relationship with nature.

Did you know you can reduce stress by simply looking at nature images? The map will help you find a quiet place to relax, away from stressful feelings. Visualising the outside will have tremendous benefits to your overall wellbeing and enable you to develop a more personal relationship with nature.

Each week, we will focus on a unique element of our grounds and encouraging you to embrace this connection with nature. Follow our weekly blog or make your own way through four different journeys, learning about the history of the garden, as well as the plants and wildlife that lives there. Will you join us on this therapeutic journey?

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