April showers bring May flowers

The flowers blooming in May will bring back colour to your day

The weather in the West Country is often unpredictable, but one thing is certain that during May we see flowers blossoming in the Penny Brohn UK garden. The fifth month of the year is a time when many flowers open up and share their array of beautiful colours.

In the Penny Brohn UK garden, flowers have taken over. So what’s on show this season? If you find that nature imagery can help you to relax and calm anxieties, why not try imagining yourself in and amongst the flowers, walking through the garden and taking it all in?

  1. Pink roses are blooming by the Cedar House, flourishing all around the arch into the Cedar Garden. The pink colour of this type of rose embodies the feeling of joy. Can you feel it?
Pink Roses

2. Another pink flower, showing daisy-like features, Osteospermums bloom around mid-summer and will brighten up any dull May day.



3. The Laburnum tree, often called the golden chain, produces a display of stunning flowers from late May to early June. The green leaves grow from March to November and sheds the leaves during late autumn.

The laburnum tree


4. Aquilegias, known for their nodding ‘bonnets’, are a species of perennial plants that are found in meadows and woodland area of the garden.

White aquilegias

5. Ferns are growing in the Well Garden at the moment too. They are beautiful plants that add softness and movement to shadier areas of the garden.

6. A purple wild orchid has appeared in the wildflower meadow. The best time to see this handsome sight bloom is from April to June. One of the most beautiful of the wild orchids, this plant likes to play hide and seek amongst the grass.

7. Purple Irises are blooming in the Lavender Garden. A plant with showy flowers, the Iris is named after the Greek word rainbow, creating a sense of light throughout the garden.


Purple Irises

8. Poppies are also blooming throughout the wildflower meadow. The red colour of the flower symbolises sleep and peace, bringing a restfulness to this space.



If you found imagining yourself walking amongst these delightful blossoming flowers helpful, try out our guided meditation of the journey around the garden.



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