The changing of seasons

Cedar Garden under snow, 1st February 2019

What a difference a week can make! No picturesque snowscapes to admire this morning, just rain, rain and more rain. So it wasn’t what we expected for a classic Penny Brohn gardening day, but even so when I arrived at the normal start time, I found one gallant gardener already hard at work spreading chippings in the old rose beds next to the drive. As the rain eased a little, and more and more team members turned up, there was soon a large group helping him and by coffee time the job was complete. All that remains is for the low retaining walls to be completed around the two amelanchier trees and in a month or so, when conditions are suitable, we will be planting out the dozens of lavender plants currently being tended at home by one of the team. This a great, positive start to our gardening year.


More positivity comes from our new corporate volunteering schedule. The first group will be with us in two weeks’ time and will be set to work lifting the mandala and preparing a new site for it – we think this will be in the meadow where it can provide a surprise discovery, semi-hidden among the wild flowers. Once it is out of the way we can set to work repairing and renovating the Lavender Garden lawn.

As if that wasn’t enough good news for one day it was reported that our therapists will soon be using the garden to run weekly therapeutic tours with clients, putting an emphasis on nutritional links, use of herbs, etc. and using the expertise of the garden team. With the interactive garden map up and running, there are now plenty of ways to learn about the Penny Brohn gardens and their history.

It was difficult to appreciate the garden properly in the dreich weather but after a quick walk around, when it was slightly less damp, I can assure you that it is a real snowdrop haven at the moment. The great thing about snowdrops is that they don’t need sun on them to shine out and brighten the garden and they are so beautiful that they must be everyone’s favourite thing at the moment. I did spot a couple of other treats – some vivid little iris, a few tiny cyclamen and some stunning purple hazel catkins.

Update from Liz Moore, Penny Brohn Garden Team

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