Summer is taking over our beautiful garden

With all this sunshine over the past couple of weeks, the Penny Brohn UK garden is blossoming to brighten your June

Through this uncertain time, it is so lovely to know that Mother Nature continues to work her magic; the garden is blooming; the green woodpecker is back in residence, and here are the updates …

Clearing the way for new flowering bulbs, the gardeners are busy at work. Keeping the two-meter distance between them, providing the garden with more colour and upkeep. The beekeeper has kept the meadow paths neat and the apiary tidy, alongside the lavender in the garden looks perfect (as usual)!

A lovely display of pink roses has bloomed on the archway with white roses blossoming in the Lavender Garden, the yellow roses have appeared clambering over the big cedar log and up the side of the compost heap together with wine coloured clematis.

Foxgloves are also flowering at the edge of the Well Garden looking perfectly at home within the semi-shaded area. We hope that over time they will increase to provide a special place of early summer interest.

We wouldn’t normally be satisfied with how the garden is looking right now, but in the circumstances the garden and our garden volunteers are doing us proud! Our garden heroes!

We can’t wait until people explore our gardens again, keep safe and well!

Did you know you can still explore our gardens using our virtual garden tour here 



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