Our gardens in spring 2021

As we all continue to live life from our homes; working, learning, exercising and building our own little sanctuaries, that other sanctuary to many, the Penny Brohn UK garden, continues to thrive. Spring is always a very special time for growing, and this year is no exception. It’s almost as if our garden is preparing itself to welcome you back.

Throughout this year like no other our tireless garden volunteers have pruned, raked, weeded, sown and planted in anticipation of the day we’ll be able to return. It’s safe to say many of us have spent a wistful moment or two thinking about the gardens and the many changes they have gone through since March 2020.

Head Gardener, Liz, gives an update on what’s blooming, and we’re very pleased to announce that a very special new addition is finally up in the garden.

The long awaited addition

The structure we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, the bothy! In February 2020 members of the garden team transported the structure piece by piece from the drive of the building to where the bothy was soon to be erected. Unfortunately like most plans hatched in 2020 it was put on hold due to the closure of the building, and orders to remain at home.

A spring and summer passed by. Come late November 2020, if you were to visit our gardens and take a sharp right at the gates, you’d be greeted by a delightful little wooden structure, our very own bothy. The bothy faces away from the Centre towards Leigh Court. With room for just one, or at a squeeze two, the bothy is perfect for a quiet moment of reflection.

The Bothy

The garden this spring by Liz, Head Gardener

Who better to give an eloquent synopsis of our beautiful gardens than Liz, who we can’t thank enough for the effort and love she places in our ‘little’ patch.

“There is definitely a great show being put on by all the flowering trees and bushes, and a great variety of bulbs from scillas to daffodils. In the meadow the daffodils include a few of the shy little hoop petticoats which seem to be slowly spreading. The fritillaries are not shy at all, they are just colourfully increasing and the cowslips (included in our photo collage) are even more confident, poised now to be the next big thing. Their more modest cousins the primroses are doing really well in their quiet way, making fat custardy clumps. If you take the trouble (and we highly recommend you do) to get down and bury your nose in them you are rewarded with what in my opinion is one of the most delicious scents of any flower.

The courtyard is fabulous, as always restrained and elegant with amelanchiers blossoming white over a sea of pale yellow epimediums.

We particularly love the Lavender Garden’s purple and white tulips.”

Come and see our gardens for yourself in June’s Open Garden Day. There’ll be plenty of family fun and activities.

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