The wonderful wildlife spotted

Take a glimpse at the garden wildlife from a safe distance at home, our garden is blooming with many flowers. But now the wildlife spotted are starting to call this garden their home! Welcome all creatures great and small, enjoy our beautiful grounds as much as we do. We hope to open our doors soon and invite visitors to explore the gardens, but for now enjoy the creatures captured around the estate.

Two of our amazing beekeepers take it in turns to call in and check their charges which seem to be flourishing, this week one of them spotted and reported a sighting of a snake near the hives.

Snake within hives

The tall grass by the summer house is home to the plague of caterpillars feeding off of the apricot-coloured verbscums, the caterpillars of the mullein moth which usually attack this type of plant. These handsome insects wreak havoc reducing the plant to nothing but shreds, we have a new plan this year so don’t worry!

Mullein moth caterpillars

What is the new plan? Another gardener brought in plants of the common mullein which has been planted near the gingko ready to be sacrificed for the caterpillars when they arrive, in theory they should be happier on the wild plants!

Keep enjoying the sun and we are all looking forward to seeing everyone when all this is over, take care and enjoy the wildlife and plants around in your garden. What will you be on the look out for? 


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