Snowdrop splendour!


A nice morning for gardening, quite warm (and what passes for dry these days) saw a lot of work being done, overseen by the raven who was in his favourite position on top of our tallest tree.

Snowdrop splendour!

The gift of a hazel sapling from a local ‘greening’ group was carefully planted on the edge of the wood, whilst war was waged against some over-intrusive Japanese anemones in the Cedar Garden.

The delicately pruned arbutus received an even more vigorous seeing-too this week from some of the ‘muscle men’ on the team. They like nothing better than a challenge, and with a lot of huffing, puffing and sweating they removed the whole thing, including a very resistant root ball! There is now an empty space waiting to be filled once inspiration strikes – possibly with another cube of winter box to continue the planting in front of the Garden Room. The big bonus is that the remaining arbutus with its strawberry like fruits now stands alone and makes more of a feature on the edge of the Lavender Garden.

Of course elsewhere there was plenty of weeding, pruning, leaf raking, bonfire building and bramble battling to be done as usual.

If you were to visit the garden just now you would be met by an ever expanding sheet of daffodils, then snowdrops peeping out from under the beech hedge. You would find many more snowdrops – in the Courtyard, in the Lavender Garden, sprinkled through the grass under the Ginkgo and in big clumps in the hydrangea borders. You would spot a wonderful display of them across the lawn in the bed across the lawn from the main building and if you ventured as far as Bright’s Patch you would be rewarded with the best display of all.

The snowdrops have to be today’s Favourite but I also love the dusky pink catkins on the dark hazels, the glossy hart’s tongue ferns in the Well Garden and the assortment of pink and white hellebore which blend so beautifully with the semi open daphne buds on the bushes next to them at the edge of the Cedar Garden.

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