September in the garden

Viewpoint of Gardens

September saw some fresh developments to our grounds – and much seasonal work.

The Cedar Garden was planted 4 years ago and now needs careful rejuvenating. Work has begun, moving, removing, splitting or trying new plants as necessary to maintain the very successful, rich, colourful, uplifting space we have all year round. Whilst the new seating and viewpoint area, next to the lane, has shaped up well with a healthy new yew hedge in place.

New planting is happening elsewhere too. Here, under the Sequoia, cyclamen are being established.

The Cedar Garden has lived up to its name as a late-summer flowering garden, with it coming into bloom this September, looking glorious – especially in the lovely sunny days we have had this year. You can see some of the beautiful blossoms in this slideshow.

Garden Volunteer and Seat

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