Rebuilding our composting area

Rebuilding the compost area

April has been a busy, productive month for the volunteer gardening team. The composting area has been totally redesigned and in the rebuilding we will soon have newly planted areas, making it visually attractive as well as highly functional. It is located next to the lane and our neighbours in the Old Stables, just beyond the end of the Celebration Pathway.

The team also has NGS day – our annual open day – in mind – just 8 weeks away on Sunday 26 June 2016. The Cedar Garden is on track, looking very colourful now, with many more plants waiting in the wings to blossom in June. Much of the garden has areas of predominately calming and supportive shades of green.

These plants are all looking healthy, full of life and with fresh growth after much attention and judicious pruning and care.

A closer look in any part of the garden reveals interesting plants and pockets of colour – the bluebells and erythronium deep in the woods, masses of cowslips and purple and white Snakeshead Fritillaries in the large meadow, the beautiful purple, pasque flower in the border next to the main door and so many more to enjoy.

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