Rainbow Warriors in the garden

It may be the last day of November but, with nice splashes of colour here and there, the garden still doesn’t look too wintry. With a blustery wind, the weather today is definitely autumnal, changing quickly between grey skies and heavy rain to blue sky and sunshine and as a result we were lucky enough to have beautiful – though short lived – rainbow to admire above the National Centre woodland.

Despite the unpredictable weather, the garden team have been getting on with all the jobs needed to put the garden to bed for the winter. All the leaves have now become soggy and unattractive, no longer a decorative feature on the ground and so as many as possible were gathered up and popped into the new leaf-storage bin, which is filling up nicely.

Rose pruning continued and general tidying up including collecting lots of branches and twigs which had come down in the recent gales. Sadly one huge branch had been ripped from the tall Sequoia, smashing the spiral seat below as it landed – our team had to saw this into bits and the pile of material waiting for a bonfire opportunity is once again substantial.

The compost heap had a last blanket of meadow-mowings added to it and then was completely covered in an old carpet, to help it decompose snugly through the winter. The bothy foundations now look good with a smart stone slab floor and the meadow took our thoughts forward to summer, as it received a sowing of extra wild flower seeds.

One Cherry Tree had somehow hung on to some of its colourful leaves and the oak tree in the meadow, which is still fairly well-clothed, had turned a nice bright yellow. But the most colourful spot at the moment one corner of the Cedar Garden where a big Acer has revealed its lovely pink trunk and branches. Next to it is a Mahonia, covered in fresh yellow flowers. In front of them is a Salvia Confertiflora, with interesting brick-red flower spikes and alongside that the Agapanthus pot is brimming over with trailing Mauve Bacopa, which obviously thinks it is still summer!! This collection is quite a haphazard and accidental juxtaposition of plants, but none the worse for that, and definitely a great sighting in the garden today.

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