Surprises in the garden

Planters in car park

Despite rather chilly weather, the garden is bursting into fresh growth and colour. Spring bedding in the large rectangular boxes by the front door is over and the newly planted summer bedding is in Penny Brohn colours; in full flower already and making good growth, it is going to look spectacular for the NGS Open Day on Sunday June 21st – just 6 weeks away!

All the new trees planted over the last couple of years are looking good, acers, ginkgos, cherries and more but nevitably with a historic garden there will be trees coming to the end of their lives. Planting for the future is an important aspect of the Garden Team’s planning and keeping the views across the countryside to other important sites such as the river, and Leigh Court is always kept in mind.

The Cedar Garden is looking quite different again now many of the Spring bulbs are over and the perennials are coming to the fore. The Tierella under the rose arch are flowering particularly well at the moment – spikes of white flowers on lime green, low plants.

Taking a walk around the garden always produces surprises. On 1st May the surprise was a lovely crafted heart, assembled from cones and twigs on the spiral seat around the tree in front of the Gazebo. Thank you to the creator and hope you don’t mind us sharing it.

Pine cone heart

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