Dumfries House Wellbeing Centre Developed

Nestled in a far corner on the perimeter of the Dumfries House Estate, a new dedicated site for The Prince’s Foundation’s GP and patient-led wellbeing services has been developed.

In 2016, the decision was made to create a space to treat the scheme’s patient referrals. Located to the east of the House at the former Stockiehill Gate Lodges, the secluded nature of its location creates a calm environment, while still offering easy access to patients. The project was inspired by the success of the Estate’s health and wellbeing programme, in partnership with local GPs and Penny Brohn UK were invited to host Living Well services from the venue.

We now deliver five Living Well courses a year at the beautiful new centre, which you can find out about here.

To find out more about the development, click here.


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