Good bye Ciara, hello Dennis!

Thank goodness for another dry morning to get on with jobs before Dennis arrives to take over where Ciara has left off. She provided us with plenty of fallen twigs and branches to be collected up!

There was lots to do; for instance, cutting back epimediums in the Courtyard; chopping down buddleias at Bright’s Patch and tackling the ever threatening big brambles. In the Lavender Garden scraggy old lavenders had to go, ready to be replaced by new ones, which at the moment are being tended by the gardeners at home. A yew tree was transferred from a pot into the gap exposed by removing the big arbutus.







In the early sun this morning, the garden looked magical. One gardener admired the shiny ferns and hellebores of the Well Garden in the theatrical low light and I particularly enjoyed the view from the summerhouse where the water feature sparkled against a backdrop of rusty dried sedum heads and the perfect symmetry of the topiary ball.

Both in the Cedar Garden and the beds by the French doors, the tall lime green euphorbias add dramatic colour.

The very early daffodils are starting to fade but lots more are appearing, some in the raised beds ready for picking and also lots scattered through the Meadow giving the first colour of the season there.  The mauve anemones around the trees are just coming in to flower but my favourites today were the glowing purple patches of crocus around some small acer trees.

Let’s hope that by next Friday the new snowdrops will have arrived to be planted and that the gale will have blown itself out by then.

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