Blooming beautiful in the garden

Rain only fell around coffee time today, so even though it was a murky day – gardening still continued. This led us to do more lawn renovation, this time in the Hornbeam Horseshoe; where the site of the old cedar had left a very poor patch. There was plenty to do, from weeding in the Lavender, Cedar and Picking gardens to a valiant effort in removing the nuisance weeds from between the multicoloured wallflowers and blue cornflowers. The war against brambles at Bright’s Path continued; and the garden was well manicured for our National Garden Scheme visitors on Sunday.

Blossoming boldly

Guests would find plenty to admire in the springtime garden. The two spectacular cherry blossoms are now fading, but the next two are coming into flower. Across the garden, near the hornbeam hedge, a stunning white cherry has begun to bloom. A spectacular display of fruit blossom – plum, cherry and pear have appeared by the compost heap, the apple tree buds just beginning to show pink.

The corner of the house holds an unusual Drymis tree, covered in spectacular pendant flowers; whilst the Exochorda has repaid last years’ careful pruning with a bride’s bouquet of bloom. Various acers’ unfurling leaves have created a hue of red, orange and purple throughout the gardens. Brightly coloured tulips have been planted, coming in monochrome and striped varieties of red, yellow, pink and white. Brilliantly coloured purple and pure white tulips can also be found in a pot in the Lavender Garden, more of the same dispersed around it. The chequered fritillaries in the meadow are a stunning contrast to the cowslips, whilst in the wood the bluebells are already in flower. At Bright’s patch, there is a fantastic bed of comfrey flowering – soon we will be able to make a fantastic fertiliser from it.

So, that’s all for now folks! Please do come and enjoy the garden, but if you are unable to visit, you can also explore our interactive garden map here.

Liz Moore, Garden Team

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