Another successful open day

We had another very successful Open Day for the National Garden Scheme on the 18th June, despite challenging weather conditions in the weeks beforehand,  with wind damage and very dry spells. Extra gardening sessions by the team, in addition to one morning a week, ensured the garden was looking its best on the day.

The Garden Volunteers’ impressive plant stall made a fantastic total of £646 and many compliments on the garden were heard including  “You’ve done so much and made so many changes but everything feels really mature, as if it’s always been here and I love how it’s all so well kept but not over manicured”.

Worth seeking out at the moment is a beautiful white tree poppy, Romneya coulteri. It can be found in the Cedar Garden, behind the seat to the left of the summer house and has huge white crinkly flowers with bright yellow centres.  While it isn’t the tidiest of plants, the flowers are well worth tolerating its behaviour  and it should keep flowering for a couple of months.

Each week more colour can be found in all areas of the garden so worth taking a look – the stunning five feet tall white flower spikes of the foxtail lillies are definitely worth finding – in the Lavender Garden and the Cedar Garden at the moment. Each week the flower will open more and more – keep watching. These are favourites of the volunteers not only for their looks but also, despite their height, they dont need staking.

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