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Staff Survey – January 2022

Over the coming weeks, Jules Worrall will be meeting with departments to launch the new strategy and offer an opportunity for staff to ask questions on this or any other topic.

Alongside this, we recognise the need to improve how we communicate and engage with each other as an organisation. This survey is to help us understand what changes need to be made to the way we communicate so that we all feel well informed, happy and valued.

Please answer all the questions as fully as possible. All responses are anonymous. The survey should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes.

Staff Survey for Strategy and Communication - Jan 2022
1. How well informed have you felt about the development of the new strategy for Penny Brohn UK?
3. What channels do you use regularly to communicate with your team? Tick all that apply.
4. Do you use any of the following to keep updated on what is happening at Penny Brohn UK?
5. This question is about frequency of communications about what is happening at Penny Brohn UK. What frequency of communication would be helpful for you?
6. This question is about how we communicate. What communication channels work best for you? Tick all that apply.
7. What format of communications work for you? Tick all that apply

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