Counselling service

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Counselling service

Counselling is a chance to share your thoughts and feelings with an experienced therapist who will listen without judgement, whether you’re the person with cancer or are supporting someone else through their experience.

Cancer brings a lot of change, certainly in the short term, and finding ways of coming to terms with this and the range of different feelings can be a challenge.  Counselling can bring new understanding to your situation and your relationships, and make things much more manageable.

Bristol and South Gloucestershire residents

If you live in Bristol or South Gloucestershire, the cost of your counselling will be met by the NHS. For us to receive funding, you’ll need to call Bristol Wellbeing Therapies on 0117 982 3209 or South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies on 0117 378 4270. Following a short assessment, you will then be referred to us. For those living in other areas, we are able to offer a maximum of 12 sessions per person, either face-to-face or over the phone.

Supporting someone?

Being close to someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer can have a major impact on your life as well as theirs. It can be just as hard for you as it is for the person with the diagnosis. That’s why we offer counselling and support to the loved-ones of those living with cancer because you are just as important.

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