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Where do I begin?

Cancer affects every area of your life and sometimes it’s difficult to know which way to turn, let alone what support you’re going to need.

We can show you simple ways to live as well as possible right now – like managing stress and fatigue, finding a diet that suits you, staying active through treatment or coping with the emotional impact of cancer – all of which can make a big difference to your health and the way you feel.

Everything we offer aims to work alongside any treatments you may have had, or expect to have in the future. The difference is, we look at the whole of your life, not just the bit of you that has cancer, helping you to be as well as you can, whatever your situation.


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Living Well

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Treatment Support Clinic

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We also offer Personal Planning Sessions to help you work out what support you need right now.

All of our services are offered free of charge. We welcome donations to help us support as many people as possible living with cancer.

For a full range of downloadable leaflets, visit our information page. Alternatively, to talk to someone about your situation, call our Confidential Helpline.

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