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Services Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all services offered by Penny Brohn UK

I fully understand that:

  1. Penny Brohn UK does not claim to treat or cure cancer.
  2. The services offered at Penny Brohn UK are intended to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing of adults diagnosed with cancer and people in a close supporting role to them. Penny Brohn UK is unable to provide support for other health conditions, unless these are directly related to cancer or cancer treatment.
  3. The services, information and advice provided by Penny Brohn UK are synergistic with orthodox medical, surgical and drug treatment of cancer. They are intended to complement, but are not a replacement for, any treatment or advice provided by my health care professional.
  4. Penny Brohn UK does not at any time undertake medical responsibility for any client, nor does it diagnose, prescribe, provide or administer dressings or medicines, or carry out any medical procedures or treatments. Penny Brohn UK does not provide second opinions for people who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  5. Staff at Penny Brohn UK are fully trained, qualified, insured and supported. They offer information, guidance, instruction, counselling and complementary therapies, through one to one and group support, in good faith to the best of their abilities, without guarantee of a specific outcome.
  6. There is an evidence base supporting the use of the therapies and other interventions offered at Penny Brohn UK. These are generally agreed to be safe for people with cancer, however every individual and their experience of cancer is unique. There is a small risk that some people may experience minor adverse effects from some therapies. In attending a therapy session I give my consent to treatment and accept this risk.
  7. Penny Brohn UK holds notes on all clients, in accordance with its Privacy Policy found here: I have the right to see information kept on file about me, and to see Penny Brohn UK’s Confidentiality Policy, on request with reasonable notice.
  8. Confidentiality is held within Penny Brohn UK’s Services Department. This means information about me may be shared with other Penny Brohn therapists for the purposes of informing my safe and effective support.
  9. If I tell Penny Brohn UK staff anything indicating that I might be at risk from harming myself, or that I might cause harm to another person, they have a duty to pass this information on to the relevant professional or service in line with their safeguarding responsibilities.
  10. Penny Brohn UK maintains up to date internal policies regulating provision of all aspects of its service, including a comprehensive Complaints Policy. These policies are available on request.
  11. Penny Brohn UK reserves the right to refuse service at any time.

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