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Book Review: Food Rules: an Eater’s Manual

Photo of Food Rules book with image of peasby Michael Pollan, Penguin 2010

A light-hearted and easy to read set of “rules” to ensure you get the most from your food, keeping the messages as simple and unconfusing as they can be. The last rule is wise and typical of the author’s pragmatic approach: “make sure you sometimes break the rules”.

One of his messages is the important difference between “real” healthy food, and what Pollan calls “edible food-like substances” which are highly processed chemical products and which often don’t contain many (or even any) traditional natural ingredients apart from sugar and salt!

While this book doesn’t go into the details of what particular foods may support your health, its description of the basic principles of healthy eating is second to none. He manages to turn a potentially dry topic into a really quick, easy and enjoyable read.

Review by Dr Catherine Zollman

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