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Book review: The Golden Thread

Golden ThreadThe Golden Thread is written by Pat Pilkington MBE, who co-founded Penny Brohn UK (née Bristol Cancer Help Centre). This review by Linda Shepherd is a personal account of Pat’s influence and memoirs.

I was fortunate to meet Pat Pilkington through working at the Penny Brohn UK National Centre. I had great admiration for her, not just because she was a Co-Founder of the centre but because I always learned something new and inspirational whilst in her company. This is one of the reasons that I so enjoyed reading her memoirs in The Golden Thread, as it felt like having quality time with her once more.

Pat describes her early life through to setting up the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and her time at Penny Brohn but it is also very much a fascinating and enlightening first-hand account of Pat’s personal spiritual journey. Often in life we meet someone who becomes a significant mentor for us as we develop and grow; and in Pat’s case this was the Reverend Tim Tiley. Pat describes how his extraordinary story of how healing entered his life began a lifelong friendship and deeper exploration of love, light and faith. Pat illustrates how love as a golden shining thread that runs through everything, calling her book ‘The Golden Thread, A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care’.

I recommend this book to anyone with an open, enquiring mind wanting to explore more on spirituality and what it means to them. Pat Pilkington was very knowledgeable and always open and curious to learn more. Pat chronicles and references her influences and suggests further research and reading throughout the book.


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