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Book Review – Moon Over Water

by Jessica Macbeth

This is a very useful book for anyone who is interested in trying meditation but is unsure where to start. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and humanity, offering the reader practical and clear instructions about the process of meditation using a variety of techniques. Jessica Macbeth offers a map of the territory but lets the reader decide which path to follow, believing there are many of ways of achieving inner stillness through silent meditation. This book is about finding a technique that suits you, with practical insights to keep you going on your chosen path.

This concise guide describes the many benefits of meditation including increasing concentration and self-discipline and the ability to deeply relax. It talks about the importance of grounding and centring in both meditation and everyday life and also describes the experience of meditation itself, the ups and downs of a regular meditation practice and the importance of self-awareness in keeping your practice on track. In the chapter “On Letting Go”, the author helpfully describes the difference and connection between relaxation and meditation and the importance of stopping and letting go.

Moon over Water offers a guiding hand to both the beginner and more experienced meditator with self-compassion at the heart of its teaching. It reinforces that there are no wrong techniques and there is nothing to strive for.  There’s just praticising…… in whatever way works for you.

It can be found in libraries across the country and your library should be able to order it for you. Alternatively it is available through most of the major online booksellers.

Gill Theodoreson

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