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What is self-care, and why is it so important? Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Self-care is about being kind to ourselves and doing the things we know are good for us and not doing the things that make us feel bad! Simple things like eating well and getting enough sleep are easy to think of, but remembering to make them important takes practice.

Self-care is also about building these practices into our daily routine and being gentle with our self when we don't always manage to do so. The important thing to remember is that doing the things that make you feel good can help strengthen your immune system and build your resilience. This means you'll be better able to cope with whatever life throws at you.

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Green veg

Cruciferous vegetables


Cooking for one

Fruit and vegetables 400x400

Eat well and enjoy!

Mastectomy Rehab with Kate Oldham

Mastectomy Rehabilitation Week 4

Mastectomy Rehab with Kate Oldham

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Anxiety Management

Daylight: Anxiety support

Sleeping woman on sofa

Sleepio: Sleep support

person holding head in hands leaning on a table, looking out of the window

Pain Management Guide

Alisa Bodyworks rolling back

Strength class 2

Alisa Bodyworks boxing

Strength class 1

Mastectomy Rehab with Kate Oldham

Mastectomy Prehab Exercises

Alisa Bodyworks rolling calves

Stretch class

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