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Manvinder’s story

Manvinder’s story

Manvinder was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Following treatment, Manvinder felt like she’d been pushed off a conveyor belt and knew she needed more support. Luckily she discovered a Living Well course in Coventry.

Jackie Collins

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Pat's story

Pat’s story

Pat started Nordic walking after her treatment for breast cancer. Here is her story.

Maureen Lipman urged the nation to support Penny Brohn UK

Maureen Lipman urged the nation to support Penny Brohn UK

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Jo's Story

Jo’s Story

Jo was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and discovered personalised care and support at our Treatment Support Clinic.

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Anna’s Story

Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer, aged 37, and attended one of our first Living Well courses in Hull. She is now committed to helping Penny Brohn flourish in the North.

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Dave’s Story

Dave was persuaded to come to Penny Brohn UK by his wife after he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. His fears evaporated, and he re-gained a sense of control and hope in his life.

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