Self-care is about looking after yourself both physically and emotionally; doing the things you know are good for you and not doing the things that make you feel bad! Simple things like eating well and getting enough sleep are easy to think of, but remembering to make them important takes practice.

Self-care is also about building these practices into your daily routine and being gentle with yourself when you don’t always manage to do so. The important thing to remember, is that doing the things that make you feel good can help strengthen your immune system and build your resilience. This means you’ll be better able to cope, with whatever life throws at you.

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Our Health and Wellbeing Wheel

You can use our Health and Wellbeing Wheel to track your overall health and wellbeing and identify the areas where you need more support. Click on the Wheel to download.  And remember, it’s how you feel right now that counts.

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