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Worry Time

Worry Time

Worry time is a way of making space for your anxiety, which is after all entirely natural and reasonable, without allowing it to take over your life. It can be particularly helpful if you find that anxious thoughts are intruding on other activities and giving you no rest.

Find twenty minutes or so each day to dedicate to worrying. You can make an appointment with yourself in your diary if you like. Whenever you notice anxious thoughts at a different time of day, tell them to wait for worry time. You might want to jot them down in your Penny Brohn journal.

When worry time comes get out your notes and bring to mind everything you’re anxious about. Some of your worries may be things you want to take action on. You can make a note of these and later draw up a plan for how to address them. Others that kept you awake in the middle of the night may seem silly in the morning. Or you might become aware of a generalised feeling of anxiety that isn’t attached to any particular thoughts. Whatever it is, stay with it for the time you’ve set aside. When worry time ends, go and do something you enjoy.

An additional exercise is to write down all your anxious thoughts. Then go through them one at a time and decide if they relate to something that is true, or false or unknown.

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