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Supporting Your Spirit

Supporting your spirit

Use your Penny Brohn journal to write or draw your ideas and impressions from this exercise. The idea is to gradually become more familiar with what helps you feel that sense of connection and inner peace.

Think about a time you felt one with the world

It might have been at a football match where everyone was singing together, or maybe it was watching a sunset after climbing a hill. Or maybe you were doing something active that you love which took all your concentration, or you were simply sitting in your living room feeling totally happy and at peace with the world. This feeling of one-ness and connection is at the heart of our spiritual health.

To start with, this experience can come as a surprise and it may only happen when we’re in quite unusual circumstances, away from everyday activities that can fill our thoughts, perhaps on a special holiday or at a unique event like a wedding or birth. With practice, however, we can make it more likely that we can experience a sense of peace and connection in our daily lives.

Take some time to remember the feeling you had at that special time

Imagine yourself back where it happened.

  • What were you doing?
  • Who were you with?
  • What colours were there?
  • Were there any sounds or smells?
  • Were you touching anything?

Allow yourself time to re-experience the feeling of peace and connection. Notice the feelings in your body. You may find yourself smiling, or stretching, or relaxing as your body remembers the sense of wellbeing and commitment.

Give yourself time to fully enjoy the remembered sensation of unity and connection.

What might you be able to do to recreate the circumstances where you felt that sense of unity and connection?

Some people find connection happens most easily when they’re alone. Others experience it more when they’re with people they love. Some people like to be out in nature. Others like to be with a crowd.

  • What circumstances help you feel connected?
  • Where do you find beauty in your life?
  • Are there any ways you might be able to be more in touch with beauty?

Some people find that when they pay attention to the world around them, they become more aware of everyday beauty. Mindfulness practice is all about noticing what is around us in the moment and can be a powerful practice to support our spiritual health.

Usually when we feel deeply connected, our thoughts have slowed down, or even stopped, and are less intrusive than they can sometimes be. Many people find that being fully absorbed in an activity helps this happen.

Is there a particular activity you enjoy because while you’re doing it your thoughts are quiet?

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