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Responding to your emotions

Responding to your emotions

Use this template to get to know your emotions and how you respond to them. Knowing how you respond to them can help you identify these emotions, what triggers them and what helps you overcome them.

Think about a particular emotional reaction:

  • How do you behave when you feel that emotion?
  • What kind of thoughts do you notice?
  • What kind of sensations do you notice in your body?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What helps you?

For example:
When I am … anxious
I usually … do a lot of cleaning
I find myself thinking about … terrible things happening to my children
My body feels … sick and restless
I want to … run away
It helps me … when someone gives me a hug.
Now use this template to identify certain emotions and how you can safely express them.

Jot down your answers in your Penny Brohn journal.

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