6 Simple Relaxation Techniques

Janey, one of our therapists at Penny Brohn UK delivers six short sessions on relaxation techniques to help wind down.

We recognise how stressful a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be on you and those close to you. In these short videos, Janey, leads you through simple techniques to boost relaxation. You can practise these techniques at home, in the waiting room or even while you receive your treatment.

You can follow each video in order or pick and choose which ones suit you best.

For more resources to help you with anything from movement to nutrition, head to our resources section. Or you can browse our live group sessions.

Session 1 - What are changing breaths?

In this introductory session, we will show you how to do the changing breath technique.

Session 2 - Counting breath technique

In this session, we will cover counting breath techniques which is often used in mindfulness and meditation. This breathing techniques can help regulate the nervous system.

Session 3 - More on counting breaths

In this session, we will further counting breathing techniques.

Session 4 - Reflexology and hand massage

In this session, we will cover self-help techniques using reflexology and massage techniques to help you relax.

Session 5 - Mantra and breathing

In this session, we will cover mantra and breathing techniques using words or a sound to help you relax and focus.

Session 6 - More on hand reflexology

In this final session, we will revisit hand reflexology techniques you can do yourself.

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