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Nourishing Resilience in a time of pandemic uncertainty

This is a recording from a webinar on 22nd June 2020 during a Resilience Room session.

Hosted by Dr Catherine Zollman and presented by Dr Chris Johnstone.

Dr Chris Johnstone has a background in medicine, psychology, group-work and coaching, Dr Chris Johnstone is a specialist trainer for resilience and wellbeing. He has worked in this field for over thirty years, and through his online courses, he now reaches people from over 55 countries. After working for many years as a doctor and addictions specialist in the UK health service, he now focuses on coaching, mentoring, writing and training, particularly through online courses at The College of Wellbeing.

His books include Active Hope, co-authored with Joanna Macy (published in 2012 and now available in ten or more languages), and his new book, Seven Ways to Build Resilience.

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