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Making a Safe Space

Making a Safe Space

Your home

Think about how you can keep your home environment calm and supportive and ask for help in doing this. If possible, you might find someone to help you with cleaning and housework. If you’re in a busy household, you might be able to make a safe and calming space just for you.

Try making yourself an altar space. You might have a small table or use part of a shelf or the top of a bureau, where you can put a precious stone, a beautiful picture, flowers or a candle. Whatever helps your mind to settle. Keep this space as you want it to be, with things that matter to you and reassure you.

Away from home

Can the items you’ve used to make your altar space be popped in a box and taken away with you? Even small things can make a difference – such as a favourite scarf or throw, or a special photo. Having something that calms you or is beautiful can really help. A picture of something or someone you love, some music or a relaxation playlist you enjoy can make a difference to how you feel. You can also take these things with you wherever you need to go, be that hospital or a trip away.

Setting up your space

Wherever you are have a place you can sit comfortably near your altar. Use it for relaxation, listening to music, writing your journal, practising meditation or just for sitting and doing nothing. You could have a special cushion or a throw to put over a chair that gives you and others the signal that you are having some time to yourself.

Use all your senses when making your safe space. Think about colours you can see, textures you can touch, incense or essential oils you can smell and music, chimes, or silence you can hear.

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