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The Impact of Fear After a Diagnosis of Cancer Webinar

This recording is from a live webinar on 27th May 2021 as part of the GenesisCare and Penny Brohn UK Presents series of webinars.

The impact of fear after a diagnosis of cancer – what can be done to help?

In conversation with GenesisCare and Penny Brohn UK clinicians, Sophie Sabbage, author of the Sunday Times bestseller ‘The Cancer Whisperer’, crisis specialist, mindset sage and Stage 4 cancer thriver discusses how to reduce the impact of fear on medical outcomes and wellbeing.

We will look at common clinician behaviours that fuel fear in patients, examples of how fear affects outcomes, some of the barriers to discussing fear in medical consultations, and how clinicians can help patients find the psychological and emotional support they need. Often described as ‘medicine for the soul’, Sophie will help us all learn how to recognise and manage fear so that it doesn’t end up dominating lives and running the show.

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Out of the Maze, is a one-day live Masterclass with Sophie Sabbage, where you can begin to take charge of your treatment and find some power as a cancer patient. A donation of £10 will be made to Penny Brohn UK for every cancer patient who registers for this Masterclass through this link.

Find out more about Sophie Sabbage and any upcoming talks, masterclasses and courses.

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