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Exploring your emotions

Exploring your emotions

However you feel, you’re not alone in feeling it. Many of us were taught from a young age that some feelings aren’t welcome. We can often feel ashamed or embarrassed about our emotions, and may try and push them away or pretend that we don’t feel the way we do. This can be quite exhausting.

Answers these questions to explore your different emotions. Jot down your answers in your Penny Brohn journal.

  • Which emotions do you find hardest to express?
  • Which emotions are you most likely to hide?
    • From yourself?
    • From others?
  • Which emotions do you find easiest to express?
  • Which emotions do you usually default to, when you’re stressed?

Once you’ve answered these questions, try the next exercise responding to your emotions to further explore your reactions, triggers and what helps you with these emotions.

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