Cancer Forums UK Guide

Cancer Forum UK Guide

Cancer forums provide a supportive place to share your emotions, ask questions, and feel part of a community.

If you've had a cancer diagnosis, are living with cancer, or supporting someone with cancer, then speaking to other people that are in a similar situation could really help you through your experience.

Some cancer forums also provide an opportunity to ask experts that might answer your questions. It's usually quick to register on a forum and start asking questions. Most forums are provided by charities in the UK and usually moderated by those working for the charity.

Some cancer support charities and organisations use the HealthUnlocked platform to host their forum, which allows you to register one account but join multiple communities and experience a consistent similar layout.

We recommend you speak to your oncology team if you have questions about your diagnosis and treatment. You can also book a consultation with one of our doctors or nutritionists to book a personal consultation.

Cancer Chat - Cancer Research UK

The Cancer Chat forum provided by Cancer Research UK is probably one of the largest forums available online. The number of forums they have might seem overwhelming if you are new to using forums, but they cover all topics such as diagnosis, daily living and general chat. All the forum topics are very active. You just need to create an account providing an email address and username to get started. Check out their video below on the cancer chat forum.

Macmillan Cancer Support - Online Community and Forums

Macmillan Online Community allows you to browse cancer experience and cancer types. Their community is vast, with over 90,000 members. Some of their forums are active daily and others are less active. There are 100s of members in each of the forums once you have found the forum relevant to your type of cancer, then there should be plenty of support from other people. They also provide an "Ask the Expert" for you to get information and support MacMillan professionals including financial guidance, nurses and support advisers.

Pancreatic Cancer UK Forum

Specialising in people with pancreatic cancer and covering carers, treatment patient experience topics. There forums are very active with people posting daily. When you have registered, you will also be get access to support from their specialist pancreatic cancer nurses with an opportunity to "Ask the nurse" throughout the year.

Prostate Cancer UK Forum

A very active forum for those living with prostate cancer. They have simple topic categories with very active conversations in each of them.

Lung Cancer Forum - Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is on the HealthUnlocked platform. They have over 4,000 members and over 2,500 posts, and their community seems pretty active with posting.

Breast Cancer Now Forum

The Breast Cancer Now forum provides a safe space, risk-free environment, and possibly the largest UK breast cancer forum. Their trained staff moderate the forum as well. They have nearly 70,000 members and over 360,000 posts. They have their nurses available to provide answers on medical questions.

Blood Cancer Forum

A specialist forum that has a small community of members.

Bowel Cancer UK Community

They provide a range of topics including treatment, diagnosis, and coronavirus support for those affected by bowel cancer. The layout of their forum is really simple, and it is easy to get started.

Leukaemia Care

Their forum is on the HealthUnlocked platform to support people affected by blood cancer. They have over 900 members and 500 posts.

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Forum

This forum is for anyone affected by cervical cancer, including friends and family. This is a very active forum with 1,000s of topics and forums including treatment, LGBTQ, menopause and relationships. They have of 52,000 registered users and over 180,000 posts; the community is very active and posting daily.

My Ovacome

A large and active online community for anyone affected by ovarian cancer using the HealthUnlocked platform. They have over 13,900 members and 16,000 posts.

Tips for using cancer forums

  • Is the forum relevant to your needs? Join a forum that specialises in a particular type of cancer or age range.
  • Create a strong password you sign up for an account to prevent it getting hacked.
  • Do you want to remain anonymous? Consider choosing a username that is not your full name if you want to keep anonymous.
  • Consider what you include in your profile, as it might be visible to other users this could include your avatar image (profile photo) and location.
  • Consider browsing a few forums before setting up an account to see which layout you prefer.
  • Read the terms and conditions for the forum before you join and post anything. Most have rules of what you can post.
  • Search the forum to see if a post exists that can answer your question. It is likely someone has been in your situation or has a similar issue, so someone has probably discussed a similar issue already.
  • You might join a forum to just ask questions, but consider replying to other topics to help others. Share your experience.
  • An alternative to using forums is Facebook groups, but they are less likely to be moderated by professionals.
  • Choose a topic that fits your question - you are more likely to get a relevant response, and it helps keep questions organised for other users.

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