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Cancer Apps for iOS and Android Guide

Cancer Apps for iOS and Android

Using technology in particular Apps can be very helpful to cancer patients and their carers.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps available in the UK. which can help all cancer patients and their supporters.

We have grouped these Apps into Cancer specific, Cancer Management (treatment support, medication reminders, symptom trackers) and Wellbeing, we suggest you try a few from each category as you may find each App offers you something slightly different.

These Apps are currently free but please be aware some Apps have premium, or paid for options and optional upgrades, all are available to download on both Apple and Android devices using the links in this article.

This article is for information only, we do not endorse or quality check the apps listed on this page.

Managing Cancer

Cancer Aid

This app was created by two oncologists to help patients manage their cancer. The app lets you keep track of symptoms and treatment information. It allows users to share their data with carers and supporters so that they can know how you are doing and when you may need support. Available on Apple and Google.


Positioned as 'your virtual companion through cancer', this app allows you to track symptoms, schedule your medications and generate your own personalised health insights. Available from Apple and Google.

Careology: CancerSupport

Created with NHS oncology and nursing advisors, the app allows users to be in control of their cancer treatment. The app allows you to manage symptoms, check treatment, set up medication reminders, and share information with your care team and friends and family. Available on the Apple and Google.

War on Cancer - Social App

A social network and community for everyone affected by Cancer.  Connect with people from across the world, share your experiences and so you never feel alone. Available on Apple or Google.

Vine Health Cancer Companion

Approved by NHS doctors, this app helps users understand their wellbeing and manage progress and changes in their health. The App also provides reports you can share with your medical team. Available on Apple and Google.

Caring Bridge

Caring Bridge offers a place for patients and caregivers to provide health updates, and for family and friends to respond with messages of support. Available on Apple and Google.


Free information resource app designed specifically to support patients through their cancer treatment journey at their NHS Hospital. MySunrise is live at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and is now being rolled out to NHS Cancer centres in the Soth West of England.​ The app includes videos, relevant information links, cancer resources and contact information specific to their own NHS Hospital cancer centre. Available on Apple and Google.

The Cancer App

The Cancer App allows cancer patients to stay in control of their care, appointments, medications and contacts, with relevant, expert information specific to your cancer. Aiming to make living with cancer that bit easier. Available on Apple and Google.

Cancer Specific Apps

Scanoma - Molecheck Free

Scanoma checks your moles, calculates your skin cancer risk, and connects you with dermatologists for a second opinion. The app uses your phone's camera to capture and analyse any moles you are worried about. Available on Apple and Google.


Leading dermatology app for tracking skin changes, recommended by doctors worldwide. Free, basic option and a premium option for £4.00 a month. Sends reminders to take photos and offers information on skin changes. The basic version of Miiskin is free to download from Apple and Google.

Kidney Cancer Manager

Track pain, progress and symptoms via a daily journal, manage medication and treatment, stay up to date via the Learn More feature. Available on Apple and Google.


The breast cancer support app from Breast Cancer Now. The Becca app gives you strategies, hints and tips to empower and equip you for life beyond breast cancer treatment. Available on Apple and Google.

Breast Cancer Healthline

The free app makes it easy for users to find what they need in one place. Designed for people facing breast cancer at all stages, BCH offers features that include daily group discussions led by a BCH guide. The guide leads topics around treatment, lifestyle, career, relationships, new diagnoses, and living with breast cancer. As well as providing an option for users to meet up and connect with others. Available on Apple and Google.

OWise - Breast Cancer Support

The OWise breast cancer app is supported by the NHS, it can keep track of your treatment and your wellbeing. Record fatigue, appetite, pain and other health facts to spot trends and help improve your care. You can also record conversations with your doctor to listen back to in your own time. Available on Apple and Google.

OWise - Prostate Cancer Support

Gives the user personalised, reliable information and practical support all in one place. Keep track of symptoms and side effects and share this with your care team. Available on Apple store or Google play

Wellbeing Apps


UK app, guided meditations, sleep support and bedtime sounds sand music, mindfulness and movement for a healthy body and mind. Free subscription available through Penny Brohn UK.


Helping people manage sleep problems, a 6 week online program based on cognitive techniques. The sleep improvement programme can help you manage the worries and thoughts that make it difficult to sleep and get to the root of stubborn, poor sleep. Free subscription available through Penny Brohn UK.


Meditation and Sleep stories to build relaxation. Also calming music and videos showing stretches and gentle exercise. Free basic version and a paid for premium option. Available on the Apple and Google.


UK app helping people manage worry and anxiety. Free subscription available through Penny Brohn UK.


US meditation app for the Black Community. Subscription payable, but discounts available. Available on Apple and Google.


UK mobile app that helps people with cancer feel better physically, emotionally, spiritually, through yoga, conversation, meditation and music. Currently, only available on Apple.


American mobile app helping you identify holistic health goals, action steps and motivators. The app creates the flexibility and space to discover your health goals,  action steps, and motivators. Available on Apple and Google.

Belong - beating Cancer together

Free social and professional networking app. Connecting patients, caregivers and health professionals. Belong aims to improve quality of life and quality of care by connecting patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Available on the Apple store and Google play

Untire : Beating Cancer Fatigue

Untire helps you regain energy through education, hints and tips, an online community for support plus weekly tracking to help you keep on top of your wellbeing. Available on Apple and Google.

Moodfit - Fitness for your mental health

Use this Moodfit to improve your mind, build resilience and help manage stress and anxiety. The app allows you to set daily goals and track these to monitor your progress. Available on Apple and Google.

Cove Music for mental health

Create music which reflects your mood, instead of words, use music to show emotions like joy, sadness, calm and anger. With over 30 instruments to choose from, use this App to get creative. Currently available on Apple.

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