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Webinar: Practical learning and tips to put communities at the heart of health and wellbeing

This webinar, draws upon the findings of the Realising the Value programme and presents insights on how person and community centred approaches have helped people to manage health and wellbeing better. They explore how person-centred care approaches add value and practical tips to embed and spread these approaches.

The programme conducted analysis of the evidence for person-centred and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing, working with five front line sites across England, and published tools, recommendations and economic modelling to show how they can be successfully implemented. It concluded that that person and community-centered approaches are pivotal to improving health and wellbeing outcomes. The programme was commissioned by NHS England to help deliver the NHS Five Year Forward View, and led by The Health Foundation and Nesta.


  • Sarah Henderson, Associate Director of Improvement, The Health Foundation (chair)
  • Catherine Zollman, Clinical Lead, Penny Brohn UK,
  • Sundra Singam, Expert by Experience, Penny Brohn UK
  • Phil Walters, Strategic Lead, Creative Minds
  • Debs Taylor, Creative Minds Peer Project Support Officer and Expert by Experience

Catherine’s talk:

  • 09:15 to 10:50:  The Bristol Whole Life Approach
  • 11:50 to 13:32:   What people can do to make a difference to their health and wellbeing
  • 13:22 to 15:30:  What we offer at the National Centre and in the Regions
  • 15:51 to 17:22:   Our focus on self-management and the Joy of Living
  • 17:24 to 23:34:  Practical tips from Penny Brohn UK
  • 21:54 to 22:40:  Importance of evaluation

Realising the Value – Webinar from The Health Foundation on Vimeo.

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