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Introduction to Realising the Value for local stakeholders and partners

In partnership with the Realising the Value Programme Penny Brohn UK


Realising the Value is a programme funded by NHS England to support the implementation of the NHS Five Year Forward View. The programme seeks to enable the health and care system to support people to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to play an active role in managing their own health and care and to work with communities and their assets.

There are many good examples of how the health and care system is already doing this. For example, recognising the importance of people being supported by their peers to stay as well as possible or coaching to help people set the health and social care related goals that are important to them.

Realising the Value is not about inventing new approaches or piloting new work; it is about:

  • Strengthening the overall case for change.
  • Identifying evidence-based approaches that engage people in their own health and care.
  • Developing tools to support implementation across the health and care system and local communities.

Putting people and communities genuinely in control of their health and care requires shifts on a number of different fronts. The programme is therefore also considering the behavioural, cultural and systemic change needed to achieve meaningful transformation.

Realising the Value delivered by a consortium of partners including Nesta, the Health Foundation, Voluntary Voices (made up of National Voices, Regional Voices, NAVCA and Volunteering Matters), the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University and the Behavioural Insights Team.

You can find more information about the programme at:


Local partner sites

Realising the Value has appointed five local partner sites to help increase the impact of person-centred, community-based approaches to health and wellbeing. The five local partner sites each have a wealth of experience working in one of the five areas of practice that the programme is focusing on. The successful local partner sites are:

  • Self-management education: Penny Brohn UK
  • Peer support: Positively UK
  • Health coaching: Big Life Centres
  • Community asset-based approaches in a health and wellbeing context: Unlimited Potential
  • Group activities to promote health and wellbeing: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: Creative Minds

Penny Brohn UK was selected specifically to look at self-management education because of our exemplary work to date through the National Living Well Programme as an effective person centred intervention.

The five local partner sites are working with the consortium partners to help strengthen the evidence for person-and community-centred approaches to health and wellbeing and co-develop tools to increase their impact. This will include:

  • consolidating and reflecting on your experience of having implemented services over some time
  • contributing data to the cost-consequence analysis
  • co-producing and testing tools as they are being developed
  • leading a topical community of interest
  • influencing policy recommendations for health and social care



The Realising the Value programme, which will run until September 2016, is developing a set of tools and outputs throughout the programme’s lifetime:

  • Overall case for change: we are consolidating existing knowledge, evidence and practical approaches into a report to set out the case for a person-centred and community-based health and care system.
  • Economic tools for commissioning: we are developing tools to assist commissioners to better understand the value of taking a person-centred and community-based approach.
  • Behavioural tools for culture change: we are developing a set of innovative practical tools that support local implementation.
  • System enablers and barriers: we are developing a set of practical recommendations on the systems enablers and barriers that will ensure person-centred and community-based approaches take a prominent role across the health and care system.

Final programme report: published in autumn 2016 with a final set of resources and recommendations to contribute to real change at scale.


Local stakeholders and partners

The five local partner sites are charged with leading a community of interest. This community will be made up of Penny Brohn UK’s stakeholders, partners, commissioners, funders and other organisations also working in self-management education. The aim of the community of interest will be to bring together experiences and learnings to contribute to Realising the Value’s outputs.

In contributing to this wider community, there will be the opportunity for:

  • Involvement in a national programme of strategic importance, commissioned by NHS England, for future strategic and commissioning landscape
  • Shaping development of toolkits / programme outputs
  • Opportunity to influence thinking within national bodies, based on your local experiences and expertise
  • Gain understanding where in the local system additional value can be added ( individual, communities and system )
  • Meeting statutory obligations under key national drivers and legislative frameworks through developing stronger partnerships with the VCS and strengthening approaches to Person Centred Care
  • Ahead of the game – early sightings of programme learning / insights

Involvement will require a small time commitment, but one which we will do our best to minimise. It will involve one-half day workshop for which the programme will cover all reasonable expenses. Other involvement will be limited to electronic and phone conversation. In addition, all members of the community of interest will be invited to a joint event in London (13th June) involving the whole programme.

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