Healthy drinks


Every biological, chemical and mechanical activity in the body needs water. Water can help to improve digestion, energy, skin health and concentration.jug water

It is best to drink water regularly throughout the day. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you drink. We suggest 1.5 litres (6 glasses or cups) to 2 litres (8 glasses or cups) of fluid per day. You may need more if you are very physically active or the weather is hot.  Include water, herbal teas and fresh vegetable juices to make up your fluid intake and keep fruit juice, sugary drinks and alcohol to a minimum.

Sparkling and still water can be dressed up with fruit slices.  Mashing the fruit at the bottom of the glass will release the flavours.  Try some of the following combinations:

  • Fresh mint leaves & cucumber slices
  • Fresh orange, lemon or lime slices
  • Lime juice and fresh ginger root
  • Strawberry slices

Tea & Coffee

tea-557448_960_720Caffeine is found in drinks such as tea (black, green and white) and coffee, which can increase the body’s production of stress hormones. If under stress or having bouts of anxiety it is best to avoid caffeine containing drinks.

However, green and white tea, and even black tea and coffee are rich in antioxidants and can have some health benefits. They are fine in moderation, such as one or two cups of coffee or tea per day.

Herbal teas generally do not contain caffeine.  They can be served cold as well as hot.  Try adding fizzy water and fresh mint leaves to a cooled green or fruit tea.


Kefir is a fermented, probiotic drink traditionally made using cow’s milk although any type of milk can be used.  When taken regularly, it can support healthy digestion.

Coconut Water is the liquid found in the cavity of the coconut.  Rich in minerals such as potassium, it is naturally sweet and refreshing to drink.  When purchasing coconut water, look for reputable brands and choose 100% natural coconut water which is unflavoured.  Coconut water naturally contains sugar so we suggest using in moderation or as an occasional drink.

Diluted Fruit Juice – fruit juices naturally contain quite high levels of sugar so we suggest diluting them wither either still or sparkling water.  Choose your favourite juice to dilute (e.g. orange, apple – ideally, not from concentrate) and aim for ¼ juice and ¾ water.

Curcuma_longa_rootsTurmeric Milk is a comforting, warming drink, perfect for a winter’s evening!  Turmeric is rich in curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory effects.  Combining the turmeric with milk, spices and a little honey creates a deliciously satisfying drink.

Ingredients (serves 2)

300-400ml milk (e.g. unsweetened almond milk)

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cinnamon

Small pinch of black pepper

1 tsp raw (unpasteurised) honey


Warm all ingredients except honey slowly in a pan.  Strain through a tea strainer, add honey to taste and stir to combine.

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