Tasty alternative soft drinks to enjoy this summer

We’re regularly asked for ideas on how to drink more water and avoid sugar sweetened drinks. Straightforward, hydrating drinks to enjoy during the summer months can be whipped up by simply adding a few choice ingredients to a jug of water.

You can prepare the drink either the night before or in the morning to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day, the flavours will only get better. Here are some simple and seasonal ingredients to try:

Cucumber and mint

You can thinly slice the cucumber or peel it with a potato peeler. Simply tear a handful of mint leaves and add it to a jug of cool water. To maximise the benefits don’t peel your cucumber so make sure you give it a good scrub before slicing.

Lemon and ginger

Thinly slice and add 30-40g of ginger root to a jug of water. Add in as many lemon slices as you like.

Pomegranate and orange

Halve a pomegranate and bash out the seeds with a wooden spoon straight into a jug of water, add slices of orange.

How much or little you add of your ingredients is entirely up to your taste. You can even use sparkling water to add a bit of fizz to your drink.

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