carrot and apple soupThis simple soup creates a beautiful orange glow in the bowl. Full of betacorotene and Vitamin C, dressed up with some extra protein of ground almonds (or you can add haricot beans)

You will need

2 tablespoon olive oil1 large onion – diced

2 teaspoon curry powder500g carrots – chopped

1 cooking apple – chopped

600ml vegetable stock

160ml coconut cream

1 dessertspoon of Nori flakes

2 tablespoon ground almonds

Optional handful of haricot beans

Here’s how

Heat the oil and slowly cook the onions to release the flavour – about 10 minutes

Add the curry powder and heat through

Stir in the carrot and apple to be coated with the curry powder and cook gently for a few minutes

Add the stock and simmer until the carrot is soft – about 15 minutes

Blend the soup with the ground almonds

Return to the pan

Stir in the Nori flakes, coconut cream, and optional haricot beans and heat through

Ready to serve – Enjoy!

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