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Buckwheat Tabbouleh with Pomegranate

Buckwheat Tabbouleh with PomegranateVersatile Buckwheat is a fruit seed and contains no gluten.  It is quite quick to cook and useful in  the antioxidants  Rutin and Quercitin.  It is also a helpful source of protein containing  8 amino acids. The lovely colour of pommegranate adds a splash of splendour, it is recorded as one of our  first  medicinal foods  3,500 years ago!

What you need

1 mug roasted buckwheat

2½ mugs (use same size) water

2 teaspoons Marigold vegetable bouillon

1 carrot – diced

1 stick celery – diced

handful each of fresh parsley, mint and basil

6 cherry tomatoes

2 salad onions – finely diced

½ pomegranate – seeds

Here’s how

Put the buckwheat, water, vegetable bouillon, carrots and celery into the pan, bring to the boil then simmer gently for about 15 minutes.

The buckwheat should soak up the liquid and become soft to eat but not sticky.

Cool slightly and then stir in the herbs and onion to combine well. 

Taste – a little tamari soy sauce may be required.

When ready to serve, lightly stir in the tomatoes transfer to a dish and sprinkle on the pomegranate seeds.

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