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We are passionate about sharing our expertise and understanding, from working with thousands of people living with cancer, with organisations who care about employee wellbeing.

Our employee wellbeing programme helps you and your staff teams find a greater sense of balance and resilience through a range of wellbeing activities designed to recharge and reinvigorate both mind and body.

We can show you how to take the principles of our Bristol Whole Life Approach into everyday life, improving productivity, reducing stress and improving work/life balance. We work with a range of organisations from corporates and social enterprises to charities to create wellbeing days tailored specifically to the needs of each organisation.

HSBC Stress-management Day

We’ve run a number of days for HSBC employees where they’ve combined the use of our facilities for their business meetings with added wellbeing activities.  These include relaxation techniques, nutrition sessions, Nordic walking and guidance on stress management, designed to build resilience in everyday life.

“Our team had the most incredible day at Penny Brohn in what is a truly inspiring setting with highly relevant advice. All employees should be given access to this place!” – HSBC, Area Director

We also offer a package of residential Corporate Away Days, to find out more call Andrew Hufford, National Centre General Manager on 01275 370 150 or andrew.hufford@pennybrohn.org.uk.

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