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At Penny Brohn UK, we understand the importance of good quality research in improving the experiences and outcomes of people affected by cancer. This is why we support researchers at academic institutions all over the UK in recruiting participants for their studies. All the research we promote is associated with a reputable institution, has received approval from an ethics committee, and fits with the ethos of Penny Brohn UK. On this page, we will post studies you can get involved with.

Please note that Penny Brohn UK is not directly involved in the studies posted on this page and if you have questions about a particular study or want to take part, you need to contact the named researcher.

If you are a researcher looking for help to recruit for a study, please contact

Development of an app to help people return to work following a diagnosis of cancer

8th April 2022

A researcher at Birkbeck University of London is undertaking a project around the development of an app to help people return to work following a diagnosis of cancer. The researcher is looking for people to take part in the study who have received a diagnosis of cancer (you may still be receiving treatment or have completed treatment) and are planning to return to work. You will be asked to download the app onto your phone and after using it for a week or two, the researcher would like to conduct an interview over the telephone to look at how you … Read more

Exploring the fertility experiences of cancer survivors of reproductive age (18-49) in the UK

9th March 2022

Fertility concerns can have a substantial impact on quality of life for people who have experienced cancer and cancer treatment. A Medical Sciences student at the University of Edinburgh is interested in conducting interviews (either remotely on Microsoft Teams, or in-person where possible) with those who have finished their cancer treatment and are in remission, and have experienced fertility concerns and / or fertility preservation. This research aims to provide a better understanding of the fertility experiences of cancer survivors. If you would like to find out more about the study, or are interested in taking part, please contact Helen … Read more

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