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This poem was written by a client at our National Centre about her experience of being on one of our residential courses. 

What heartache brings us to this haven?

Broken bodies and heads shaven.

What pain and torment brings us here?

Our living hell of tears and fear.

Our life journey is unique and tough

Demanding, stressful I’ve had enough

Of relationships, work, poor health and money,

Black humour makes the whole thing funny.


I’m happy where I am, this gift of cancer

Has given me perspective of different chances,

I’ve travelled the world 50 times over

But now entitled to a bus pass rover.

Because we all have our journeys to live,

But our happiness is measure on what we give.

I’ve not had cancer how would I know?

But living with it is a tough show.


The worry, the unknown, appointments and visits,

Uncertainty, crying demands of what is it?

Why me? What have I done to deserve this curse?

Why not you?  There are others far worse…

In sharing your feelings and opening our hearts,

We grow closer and become a part

Of a united circle of understanding and love

Wrapped in blankets and kid glove.


Being here gives energy and time to refocus

On what’s important to our families and us,

We all have a gift of life to use

To nurture, nourish and not to abuse

Thank you PB for giving me the time

To get off the carousel and recall how to rhyme.


I know some do not have the same faith

But I’d like to ask for God’s blessing and grace,

Goes with you all from this day on

As we treasure our time at Penny Brohn

Karan – November 2017 

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