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Post-Surgery Bra Guide

At Nicola Jane we understand choosing a bra after surgery can feel a little overwhelming. Buying a bra can be confusing at the best times, there are so many different styles to choose from and now you have to have to consider your prosthesis and shape post-surgery. Nicola Jane however, have been helping to restore femininity and confidence in women after breast cancer since 1984. We understand the crucial differences that go into making a post-surgery bra that will allow you to live your life as you had done before your diagnosis.


Similar to purchasing a non-post-surgery bra, it is important to consider your body shape. Not all styles will suit every woman the same, especially after surgery. Don’t be set on one size, be confident enough to change the size according to how the style fits; in some styles you may need to consider adjusting the size. If necessary, adjust the underband or the cup size. If you try on a style which doesn’t suit your shape or doesn’t quite fit your surgery – try not to be disheartened. Remember, all manufacturers have their own grading scales, and fabrics used in bra manufacture have different amounts of stretch – so just try another style.

Choosing a style

When choosing a lingerie style after a surgery due to breast cancer, it is important to consider and understand your post-surgery body shape as there are many different styles available. Take time to consider what features you require in a mastectomy bra: do you have high scarring or a slight hollow chest?

If so, a style with a higher centre front will be most suitable, as these will discreetly provide you with additional coverage where you need it most.

If you are larger cup size you may want a firm support style with wider straps, as this will provide the necessary support for a larger and heavier prostheses.

If you have had a reconstruction or partial breast surgery you may like to consider a padded style as this will help to provide an even shape.

After surgery it is important that you feel like yourself. Your shape may have changed but you are still the same person so wear the style and colours that you feel most comfortable in! All Nicola Jane bras are designed to be worn after breast surgery. The majority of our styles are pocketed both sides to fit a prosthesis, however all are suitable for all types of surgery. If you only wear a prosthesis on one side or have had a lumpectomy or reconstruction, the pocket you don’t require will fall back and act as an additional lining.

Padded Bras – Padded styles are ideal to provide a smooth and even silhouette. The padded styles at Nicola Jane are made from a thin moulded foam meaning they aren’t designed to increase bust size, they are designed to help disguise any difference in breast or prosthesis size – giving you the confidence to wear tighter fitting tops post-surgery.

Try: Lottie Super-Soft Smoothing Padded T-Shirt Bra (code 7051)

Sizes: 32 – 40 AA – D cup, 42 A- C cup

Colour: Ivory, Raspberry

Support: Medium

Price: £25.99

Camisole Bras – Ideal if after surgery you have slight indentation on your chest or high scarring. The camisole lace sits across the centre of your bra providing you with additional coverage and peace-of-mind when leaning forwards. The lace insert is very feminine and perfect for lower cut tops.

Try: Valerie Lace Camisole Bra (code 7002) 

Sizes: 34-42 A-E cup

Colour: White

Support: Medium

Price: £27.99

Front-fastening Bras Straight after surgery you may find that you have arm restricted movement, therefore a style which fastens at the front is ideal after surgery. At Nicola Jane our front fastening styles feature a variety of different fastening options, giving you the choice you need. As all our front fastening bras are very breathable with a high cotton content, they are also suitable as sleep or leisure bras.

Try: Hilary 75% Cotton Front Fastening Bra (code 7060)

Sizes: 32-42 A-D cup

Colour: White

Support: Light

Price: £21.99

Everyday Bras – Our everyday styles are so discreetly adapted to suit post-surgery that most people can’t tell the difference! We have a wide variety which are designed to make you feel confident and feminine.

Try: Daisy Soft Lace Comfort Bra (code 7013)

Sizes: 34-42 AA-DD cup

Colour: White, Cherry

Support: Medium

Price: £24.99

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