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Poetry by Wendy Pettifer

One of our clients, Wendy Pettifer has written some beautifully powerful poetry and shared it with us.

If you have any poetry about your cancer experiences that you would like to share, please send it to

Sleeping Baby

I lie in the afternoon room
Darkened by blinds with a star scape
Next to the snortling snuffling son I never had
The grandson I do have
Red gold curls tousled behind tiny ears
Peter Rabbit clutched in his right fist
Knees bent, bum up in the air
And I know I want to go on living
Until his shadow is longer than mine.

Thermal Pool

Deep down in the Snowy Mountains
Eucalypts bow towards the thermal pool
Roos and parrots shelter from harsh sunlight
Soft water bubbles from an underground spring.

Frank cradles his grand-daughter in his tough leather arms.
Years working under scorching sun in Wagga Wagga
Took its melanoma toll
Skin now slack on wasted muscles
That could carry a calf, lift a hay bale.

He last came here 30 years ago in love
Happy then skinny dipping as the sun set
On the wild beauty of this place he loves
Wanted to show the tiny child before it’s too late.

He hands the baby back to his daughter
Now strong arms aching, lungs creaking
Cells whitened in his heart and lungs and bones
Too tired to climb back up the steep hill track
He lets his pain slip under warm water.
Joins the silent footed who were here before.

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